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Contact Lens Care

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Contact Lens Care 101

Are you taking great care of your contacts? Many people who wear contacts daily don’t use proper care when handling their contacts. Your eyes are the most delicate part of your body. It is very important that you are handling and caring for your contacts and eyes, so you don’t suffer from infections or injuries. At Eye Doctors we have 8 great tips for to keep your contact lenses clean and in good shape for your eyes.

Here are 8 simple contact lens care tips for you to follow:

  1. Make sure that before you handle your contact lenses, you wash your hands and rinse them thoroughly. We suggest that you use a mild and non cosmetic soap. If you do end up using a soap that has oils, perfumes or lotions in it, it is possible that you will transfer those chemicals to your eyes which can ultimately cause eye irritation and/or blurred vision.
  2. Make sure you are drying your hands with a lint free and clean towel.
  3. We suggest having short finger nails at first to help avoid scratching and damaging your eye.
  4. If you are a makeup wearer, put on your makeup after your contacts are already in your eyes to prevent getting any on your lenses. This also goes into effect when taking your contact lenses out. If you’re wearing makeup, take your contacts out before taking off your makeup for the night for the same reason.
  5. Make sure you are always using disinfecting solutions for your contact lenses. We also suggest that you have eye drops handy and enzymatic cleaners as recommended by your eye doctor to thoroughly clean your contact lenses. Be sure you check with your optometrist in CT to be sure that the product you’re using on your contacts is correct.
  6. You should never use tap water directly with your lenses or rinse your lenses in your mouth. If you do, eye infections become a greater risk.
  7. Make sure that you are cleaning each individual contact by rubbing it gently with a finger in the palm of the other hand. Rubbing your contact lenses before you put them in removes surface buildup, prolonging wear and making it more comfortable.
  8. After you put your contacts in for the day, clean the lens case with hot tap water and let air dry. Replacing your contact lens case every 2 or 3 months is a must to decrease the chance of infection.

If you are using all of these simple and great suggested steps, we are sure you will live an eye infection free life. If you are having any problems or have any questions concerning contact lens care, we invite you to contact an optometrist at Eye Doctors today.